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doing 100 pushups a day

Doing 100 Pushups a Day Will Do This to Your Body – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Doing 100 Pushups a Day Will Do This to Your Body. Push-ups and sit-ups are very common additions to an athletes regular workout routine, and there is a very good reason for that!

There are many benefits of push ups including the build up of upper arm strength, working out your core and shoulder muscles, and much more. In this article we will be explaining what 100 push-ups a day would do to your body! Be sure to make it to the end of the article to find out what our favorite benefits of push-ups are and how to tone your body at home. Alright, lets get right into it!

1. You will have better upper body strength

doing 100 pushups a day

Doing push-ups is a great way to build your upper body strength. This is because push-ups provide a great workout for the muscles in your arms, shoulders, and chest. In fact, push-ups are among one of the best chest exercises out there, and many people that use push-ups for upper body strength see a lot of great results.

Not to mention, you do not need to purchase any expensive equipment or go to the gym to do push-ups. You can improve your upper body strength anywhere by doing push-ups properly, even if it’s in your own living room! This makes doing push-ups one of the best home exercises for chest and arm building. All you need to do is lift up your own weight.

2. Push-ups also work out your core and back muscles

doing 100 pushups a day

Push-ups do not just work out the muscles in your arms, shoulders, and chest though. In fact, push-ups are also a great way to work out the muscles in your core and back. This is because you are also using these muscle groups when you are pushing yourself up off of the ground. This makes push-ups a more well rounded and full body workout than many of you have likely previously believed.

You can work out your core and back muscles even more by changing up the kind of push-ups that you are doing. For example, workouts like one-handed push-ups will exercise your core and back muscles more than traditional push-ups would. This makes the goal of doing push-ups to build muscle extremely achievable, especially when you do multiple types of push-ups.

3. Push-ups are good for cardiovascular health

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Push-ups are not just a way to bulk up your arms and shoulders, though. Push-ups require work from many different muscle groups, and this means that the heart needs to work hard to get enough oxygen and nutrients to these muscles through bringing your blood to these muscles.

This means that push-ups are not only the best chest exercise, but they are also great for working out your heart muscles as well. As a result, doing push-ups is great for promoting good heart health and blood flow. Doing push-ups on a regular basis can also help to prevent things like heart disease, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure as well.

4. Doing daily push-ups can prevent shoulder injuries

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You have probably already realized that push-ups are a great exercise for strength training. This is because they work out many of the muscle groups that we use when lifting weights including the arms, shoulders, chest, and back. Well, the extra strength that doing push-ups gives your shoulder muscles makes it less likely that you will develop a workout related injury in your shoulders.

Although these kinds of injuries usually occur after an athlete attempts to lift too much weight, having stronger shoulder muscles as a result of doing push-ups on a regular basis will allow you to lift things that are heavier. This means that push-ups are good for more than just how to get bigger triceps at home.

5. Push-ups promote muscle growth

doing 100 pushups a day

Although this is possibly the most obvious benefit of doing push-ups, it is definitely still worth mentioning. Remember, push-ups promote muscle growth in many different areas of the body. This is because doing them promotes good blood flow and works out multiple different muscle groups.

Push-ups are among one of the best chest exercises for men and women, and many people also use push-ups to get bigger arms. Not to mention, push-ups also workout the muscles in your core and back. As a result, people who wonder about how to get ripped with push-ups are not crazy at all, and they may just be on to something.

This is because push-ups are actually a great exercise for those who are looking to build up multiple muscle groups quickly.

6. Doing push-ups regularly may prevent lower back injuries

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It is important to remember that push-ups do not only work out your arms, shoulders, and chest. Although doing push-ups for upper chest building is still a good idea, you need to remember that push-ups also work out the muscles in your core and back.

We have already mentioned that the strengthening of shoulder muscles as a result of doing push-ups can prevent workout related injuries in the shoulders, and the same logic applies here. Due to the fact that push-ups also exercise the muscles in your lower back, this prevents injuries to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in this area.

7. Doing regular push-ups promotes good posture

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Many people may be surprised to find out that doing push-ups on a regular basis actually promotes good body posture. Well, it’s true, and the explanation for this fact is more simple than you might think. In order to have proper form while doing a push-up, your back needs to be straight, your shoulders need to be set back, and your head needs to be held up and facing forward.

These are not only elements to proper form when doing a push-up, but they are also the elements to having good body posture as well. When you are doing push-ups everyday, this good posture is likely to transfer into your everyday life. In addition to this, doing push-ups on a regular basis strengthens the muscles in your back and core.

Having strong back and core muscles is essential when it comes to holding your body up and having good posture throughout the day. Once your back and core muscles have become stronger, you will have better overall body posture without even realizing it! So, the next time someone says that push-ups for upper chest development is all that they are good for, you can prove them wrong.

8. Push-ups can help you lose weight

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Remember when we said that push-ups work out many different muscle groups? Push-ups are great for exercising the muscles in your arms, chest, shoulders, back, core, and even legs. This means that when you do push-ups on a regular basis your body is working hard to build up all of these different muscle groups.

Well, the more muscles that you are working out during exercise, and the more muscles that your body is focusing on building up, the more calories that you will burn. Not to mention, doing push-ups is a great exercise for the heart muscles as well. All of this adds up to push-ups being a great exercise to incorporate into your daily workout if you are looking to lose a bit of weight.

9. Push-ups promote good blood flow

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Remember when we said that doing push-ups promotes good heart health and exercises the heart muscles? Well, this also means that push-ups promote good blood flow throughout the body. The promotion of good blood flow to a variety of different muscles helps to build these muscles up as well.

This is because things carried in the blood such as oxygen and nutrients help to build and repair muscle. As a result, it is a great idea to incorporate push-ups into your cooldown and warm-up routines because they will get your blood pumping before a workout and give your body an extra boost after one is over. This is great news for those looking into how to bulk up with push-ups.

10. Doing push-ups everyday can improve your overall athletic performance

doing 100 pushups a day

Many people do push-ups to build chest and arm muscles, and it is pretty well known that push-ups are a great exercise for those looking to build up these muscle groups. However, many athletes are unaware of the fact that doing lots of push-ups in a row on a regular basis can actually improve their overall athletic performance.

This is because doing many push-ups in a row requires a lot of stamina and endurance from the body, and this exercise also works to build up many different muscle groups at the same time. The improvements in stamina and the build up of muscle from doing these push-ups often translates to an improved athletic performance in other exercises.

In fact, doing push-ups regularly can even improve many athletes performance in a variety of sports. This is why many different kinds of athletes include doing push-ups into their regular training routines.

Therefore, if you play any kind of sport you can receive some great benefits and performance improvements from incorporating push-ups into your regular exercise routine. You can even receive these benefits if you just enjoy exercising for yourself on a regular basis as well.

Do you do push-ups everyday? Has incorporating this exercise into your everyday workout routine improved your workout performance? Let us know in the comments below!

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