Top 10 Best Exercises for Increasing Height Fast at Home

exercises for increasing height

Top 10 Best Exercises for Increasing Height Fast at Home – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Best Exercises for Increasing Height Fast at Home. If you constantly try to reach the top shelves but always fail and are fed up with your short height, you have landed at the right place. With a few simple exercises to follow at home, your height can be increased to your desired numbers.

Increasing height might seem a big deal, but the truth is somewhat the opposite. A person’s height is influenced by several factors such as hormones, genes, quality and quantity of nutrition, and other environmental factors. Fighting against all the listed factors is indeed a bit of a challenging task, but it is never impossible.

Stay tuned till the end because in this article we are going to talk about Top 10 Exercises to Increase Your Height Fast. Let’s check out what we’ve got.  

1. Pelvic Shifts

exercises for increasing height

If you follow a sedentary lifestyle by being a couch potato most of the day, then there are fair chances that your height would not increase as much as it could have otherwise. This is because due to prolonged sitting, there is a change in the structure of the spine and muscles, which directly affects the overall posture and height of an individual.

It is always a good idea to do some stretching and pelvic shift exercises from time to time to mitigate the adverse effects of prolonged sitting.

2. Hanging

exercises for increasing height

Do it now and thank us later. One of the best-known exercises for increasing height easily is to practice hanging. Hang from the monkey bars, hang from the tree branches or hang from any bar strong enough to support the weight of your body. Individuals who have tried it swear by the results. For extra assurance of the results, try to do two to three pull-ups while hanging.

3. Single legged Hopping

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Hopping like a kangaroo will do wonders. One of the exciting and fun exercises to increase height drastically is single-legged hopping. This exercise focuses on strengthening all the abdominal muscles while being an easy workout for the lower body. Hop on one leg ten times and then switch to the other leg. Try the exercise at least once daily to see a change.

4. Side stretches

exercises for increasing height

Stretching to the sides enables the muscles to get elongated and grow. This exercise is mainly to increase height by strengthening the intercostal muscles. The perfect way to do this exercise is to stand straight with your feet together while clasping hands over the head and stretching to alternate sides for 20 seconds each. The exercise can be done one to two times a day to achieve the ideal results.

5. Jogging

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Jog, Jog all the way. Jogging not only burns many calories but can also potentially add a few inches to your legs. Jogging is the best way to make your leg bones grow naturally while making them stronger. If practiced during the puberty period or the teens, jogging can increase height like magic.

6. Jumping and Skipping

exercises for increasing height

If the regular exercises are boring for you and you always want to add a fun element to them, jumping and skipping is a perfect choice. Jumping can be done in many fun ways, such as jumping on a trampoline or jumping using a skipping rope. Either way, jumping strengthens the leg muscles and makes the legs longer.

There is no recommended time or duration for this exercise, but the more you jump, the greater are the chances of achieving your ideal height. The only thing to ensure while jumping is both legs leaving the surface at the same time and touching back the surface together.

7. Swimming

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If you want to escape all the heat and sweat during workouts, swimming is the best. It is no secret that swimming is one of the best exercises to increase height in children and teenagers. Swimming requires extensive use of legs, overall body, and arms, which helps develop these muscles and increase height. Breaststroke is one of the most popular ones targeted for increasing height.

8. Land swimming

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Wait, is there even any swimming without water? The answer is yes. Land swimming also know as swimming without water is usually called dryland training. Dryland training is mainly for improving the flexibility of muscles and increasing height. For the exercise, lay on a flat surface on your stomach with your hands up, imitating a similar position to that of regular swimming.

The exercise would only be helpful if the posture is the same as swimming in water. For adding another level of difficulty, use a stability ball under the stomach.

9. Alternate Leg Kicks

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Derived from the famous Korean martial art practice ‘Tae Kwon Do’, alternate leg kicks are another way to add a few inches to your height. The sidekicks help in extending body muscles and elongates them, especially those of legs. For this exercise, have an upright posture keeping your hands close to the chest with fists tight. Kick the air for about 30 minutes with each leg, and voila, you are done.

10. Waking up with stretching

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Did you know that the best time to practice stretching exercises is right after you wake up? Stretching exercises tend to take the muscles outside their range and their normal range and helps them elongate and strengthen. Practicing stretching exercises right after you wake up also allows free-flowing fluid between the intervertebral discs, which regulates the ideal space between them.

A sedentary lifestyle compresses this space which results in a limp posture. This simple stretching exercise can be practiced 2 to 3 times for 30 seconds each stretch.

In short, if you are looking to increase your height through exercising, look for ways that increase your flexibility. But keep in mind these exercises do not work overnight. You have to continue the exercise routine for a good few months until you see the results.

That is it from today’s post on Top 10 Best Exercises for Increasing Height Fast at Home. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Real Fitness Soul for more information about Fitness and Health.

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