Top 15 Benefits of Lemon Peels You Probably Didn’t Know

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Top 15 Benefits of Lemon Peels You Probably Didn’t Know – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 15 Benefits of Lemon Peels You Probably Didn’t Know. Did you know that adding lemon peels to your weekly routine can help you live longer?

Most people don’t give them their proper due, but the benefits of lemon peels go a lot farther than people often think. From cleaning to improving your health to even more that we will get to in this article, you’ll be pleased to know that lemon peels are an affordable and convenient addition to your life. So let us count down the list.

1. They can help out with your oral hygiene

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The word cavity is never one that a person wants to hear. Cavities can be painful, expensive to deal with, and straight up annoying to get past. That’s why dentists so often preach the importance of brushing your teeth and practicing good oral hygiene, but what do you do if you’re already past that point?

Well, lemon peels actually contain antibacterial materials that can fight off the kinds of microorganisms that can cause or worsen dental issues.

2. Lemon peel can help your body fight off damaged cells

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Over the years, damaged cells can begin to form as a result of mutations or other issues that can occur in our bodies. Free radicals are a type of foreign intruder that can hurt your cells and lead to some health issues down the line, most commonly cancer.

Since lemon peels are full of antioxidants, though, they can help your body build up its defenses in an effort to eliminate any free radicals that might have been accumulating.

Antioxidants are great for you generally, and they help to protect your body against any disease, as well as attacks on your immune system. One of the key benefits of eating lemon peels is being able to better protect and support your immune system.

3. To get rid of pests and bugs

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One of the most common uses of lemon peel for years was its ability to keep intruders at bay. Households that struggle with ants, cockroaches, or fleas should try putting lemon rinds near any opening or door to keep them away.

These animals don’t like the acidity of lemon, and won’t see any value in going into a place that reeks of the stuff. You still may get a bug every once in a while, but lemon will make them strongly reconsider.

4. They can help your home smell better

Did you know that lemon can help deodorize a home in a hurry? This once again has to do with the antibacterial nature of lemon peels, and you can easily take advantage of this. Just drop a few lemon peels at the bottom of your trash can, or near anything that you fear may be giving off an odor.

Bad smells can be scary since our noses actually get used to them over time, and will begin blocking them out. Guests, however, will not be quite as lucky, which is why places that you spend a lot of time in, like your car or living area, should be given an extra layer of defense than just the smell test.

5. You can use it as a cleaner in the kitchen

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Most of you are probably aware of the fact that lemon is a really effective cleaner, and is featured in most cleaning supplies in some way. Simply adding lemon and vinegar to some water makes for a cheap and easy cleaning spray for your house, but there’s a cleaning use that not a lot of people try.

Cleaning your cutting board with lemon is a really good way to make sure that any bacteria or cleaning product is wiped away before using it. It may not feel like a real issue, but it can definitely become one, and it’s one of the biggest benefits of lemon peels out there. Lemons are naturally acidic, which is why they taste so tart.

By rubbing the lemon peel on the cutting board, you have a way to guarantee that bacteria has been killed but without needing any cleaning supplies to do it. This also gives off a really refreshing smell that’s great to have in the kitchen.

6. Lemon peels can whiten your fingernails

Our hands go through a lot, and they are an easy way to tell how hard of a life someone has lived. Over time and for a variety of reasons, our fingernails can actually lose their natural color, and can even become a bit yellowish too.

Some people absolutely hate this, but luckily there’s a really easy way to get rid of that discoloration. Just take your lemon peels and rub them over your fingernails. The acidity of the peels should help get your fingers looking like they used to.

7. You can suck on a lemon to get rid of travel sickness

Did you know that citrus can be helpful against nausea? It’s true, and part of the reason why ginger ale and Sprite are often the drink of choice for people suffering from stomach issues or colds.

This little trick isn’t just useful if you’re starting to feel under the weather, though, as sucking on lemons can actually help you shake off travel sickness in most cases. This may seem a bit odd, but you can also get the same result if you would rather eat the peel instead.

8. Lemon can help lighten age spots

As we get older, our skin bears a lot of the toll. Damage can come from a variety of factors, but it’s usually radiation from the sun that does the most damage. The result of this damage can often be age spots, as they are sometimes called, and these look like little dark spots located on your body and face.

If these bother you, you can easily take a little piece of the lemon peel and hold it onto the age spot for a few minutes. This trick should lighten the age spots over time and make them far less noticeable.

9. They can soften dry elbows

While there are plenty of strange lemon peel benefits, this one might be the weirdest. If you are someone that often complains about suffering from dry elbows then you might want to try lemon peels as a way to soften that skin up. You can do this either by rubbing the peels directly onto your skin, or by making a mixture that you can apply to your elbows.

The latter option, which is made up of water, baking soda, and of course lemon peels, is probably the one that will give you the stronger results, and it’s also a bit more convenient to apply.

10. To clean out your garbage disposal

Over time our garbage disposals can get pretty nasty, and it can honestly be a difficult problem to solve. You can try products that will dissolve away any remaining food, but that doesn’t always work and might not be something you have lying around. In those situations, lemon zest is a really good option to turn to. Simply drop a few peels into the garbage disposal and run the water while you turn on the disposal.

It should only take a minute or two at most for you to start smelling the lemon instead of the food, and the smell should spread through most of your house. This isn’t just for the smell, though, as the peels should also help absorb bacteria and hopefully dislodge whatever was causing the smell in the first place.

11. It makes for a good face mask

Lemon peels can make for a really good face mask, and it only takes a few ingredients to get started. If you want to try this out, you just need rice flour and cold milk for a mask that will exfoliate and cleanse quickly. Just make sure that you are really careful around your eyes, as the acidity of the peels will still cause them to sting pretty bad if you touch your eyes with this scrub.

12. Boiling lemons may help you lose weight

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Boiling lemon peels has become an increasingly popular way to lose weight over the last few years, and evidence has even somewhat supported the idea. We already know that boiling lemons can help with kidney stones, and it makes some sense that lemons could help you lose weight.

Lemons are useful in getting rid of extra weight more because of the water than the lemons themselves, but both play a role here. By drinking boiled lemon peel water, you are going to fill yourself up faster, and it will be much easier for you to drink with some sweetness from the lemons.

13. You can clean your bathroom or sink with it

Lemon peels have a sort of bleaching component to them which makes them perfect for scrubbing away with in tubs or sinks. You just have to add some baking soda to the mixture and you are basically good to go. The combination of baking soda and lemon peel will help get rid of any smells, kill bacteria, and also make sure that your ceramics are as white as when you first got them.

14. Clean your coffee or tea pot with lemon peels

Save the lemon rind and the peels for cleaning your tea pot or coffee pot when you feel like it’s getting dirty. Just drop in the peels and some salt and let water run through the pot for a few minutes while it’s cool. Once the water starts to run clear you’ll know that you are good to go.

This is safer and easier than using an abrasive cleaner, and it effectively cleans away any gunk or build-up that can happen over time.

15. It can clean off sweat or deodorant stains

There’s nothing that feels more embarrassing than when you ruin a perfectly good shirt because of a stupid little stain. These can thankfully be removed with lemon peels, although you are going to have to put in some effort.

You have to scrub the stain with lemon peels, and you can even add baking soda if it seems like a really stubborn stain. Let the shirt sit overnight and then wash it in the morning; hopefully by then it’ll be as good as new.

Do you have any more uses for lemon peels that nobody seems to have heard of?

That is it from today’s post on Top 15 Benefits of Lemon Peels You Probably Didn’t Know. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting Real Fitness Soul for more information about Fitness and Health.

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